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Alberto’s inspired by Georgia’s cocktail

Alberto Gallego, from Spain, has already been on two painting holidays at the watermill and he obviously has a lovely time.  His latest painting, inspired by the fun-filled, sun-filled, inspiring weeks he’s spent with us, looks like this: Yes it’s the famous watermill cocktail, which we serve every evening on the vine verandah at half-past-six. We call it Georgia’s cocktail’ after the charming young waitress who mixed and served it for us last year. (Georgia’s now at college, so you’ll get me serving it these days, more often than not.) It’s a lovely mixture of Aperol (one of those Italian Campari-like drinks, only orange- coloured), white wine and tonic water, with slices of oranges and lemons and served well-iced. Just the thing after a hard day painting or writing and to enliven your taste buds in preparation for one of Lois’ or Mirella’s marvellous dinners. Alberto says the picture is “specially dedicated to dear colleagues and hosts at Posara.”  Thank you, Alberto and we hope to see you again soon.