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A wonderful way to loosen up, by Sarah Yeoman


                             Sarah landscape 01      Sarah landscape 02

Sarah Yeoman, the immensely talented American watercolourist, who is taking a course at the watermill this September, has just sent me those two striking images. She calls them ‘imagined landscapes.’

Sarah says: “This is one of the exercises I do with my watercolour students. A wonderful way to loosen up and learn to play with the pigment.”

She adds: “I did no drawing for this exercise, working on a steep angle pulling the pigment top to bottom. Cool to warm. After the first wash was dry I applied the second wash in the same manner as the first allowing little bits of the underpainting to shine through.”

Sarah head croppedSarah Yeoman will be taking her painting course in watercolour from Saturday 13 September to Saturday 20 September and you can find out more about Sarah and her course at the watermill by clicking here.

At present Sarah’s course is fully booked (there may be cancellations, so you could put your name down on the waiting list). Sarah is also returning next year, from Saturday 6 June to Saturday 13 June 2015 and if you’d like to come, we can reserve a place for you.

Here’s another of Sarah’s inspiring pictures:Sarah lisianthus

Knitting brings the world together

Knit Pandora and Claudia -reducedThe 11 participants on the watermill’s first-ever knitting course come from no less than seven countries!  Knitting truly brings the world together. Members of our well-knit group come from, in strictly alphabetical order, Canada, Denmark, France, South Africa, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. And our lovely tutor Nancy Marchant is an American living in Amsterdam!

Knitting group 1 - reduced

Whatever their nationality, they are all enjoying the hospitality of the watermill and of course the true Bella Vita Italiana.

Knit Odile and Inger - reduced

We have another knitting course this July – already full with another international group — and, of course, we’ll be knitting again at the mill in 2015.

Our knitters enoy the vine verandah

Knit busy group 1 reducedOur first-ever knitting group is well under way and today our 11 participants were enjoying themselves (and working hard!) in the sun under the vine verandah.  Here are Judy and Jean showing off some of their work.

Knit Judy and Jean show their work reduced


And here’s tutor Nancy Marchant, who stepped into the breach caused by Marie Wallin’s indisposition. (a thousand thanks to Nancy). We hear, by the way, that Marie is well on the road to recovery and everyone here sends good wishes.

Knit Nancy good - reduced

You can find out more about this year’s knitting courses by clicking here. (They’re full at the moment, but there will be more in 2015.)