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Come and sample watermill cocktails under the shade of the vine verandah

Painting by Trevor Lingard, a tutor at The Watermill at Posara painting holidays, Tuscany Italy.Cocktails for Two is the title of the elegant watercolour above by out talented and inspiring Watermill painting tutor Trevor Lingard.

It got me thinking about the watermill cocktails we serve each evening at the watermill, just before dinner, under the shade of the vine verandah. We’re not so formal as Trevor’s couple, but we like to think we are just as elegant.

We call our house aperitivo Georgia’s cocktail after a waitress here who invented it. It consists of Aperol bitters, white wine and a dash of tonic water to sweeten it a little. Then we add lashings of oranges and lemons and a cube or two of ice. Here’s a pictures by Spnish artist and watermill guest Alberto Gallego.

Alberto cocktailDelicious and just the thing to whet the appetite before one of Mirella’s or Lois’ delicious meals in the courtyard dining room.

Dinner at mill  squareWhy not join us for an aperitivo (or two)  and a fabulous creative week at the watermill?

For all our painting courses, please click here; for our yoga retreats, please click here; for our knitting weeks, please click here – and if you’d like to drink aperitivi and learn Italian from the Italians, please click here.


PS: And why not bring your non-participating partner as well? There’s a generous £200 discount for him/her if they share a room with you — and we’ve plenty of suggestions for other activities for him/her to enjoy. Click here for more.