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Tasty fruitfulness on the vine verandah

Flavio grapes 1 2015 reducedThe Watermill’s gardener, Flavio Terenzoni, is very proud of the wonderful job he has done in making the watermill gardens bloom – and he’s proud, too of the new grapes he was planted around the watermills vine verandah, where we enjoy our evening aperitivi before dinner.

The new grapes are called uva fragole, strawberry grapes, more I think because of their taste than the look of them – and very tasty the are too. This year we have had a prodigious crop and we have enjoyed them at breakfast, lunch and tea.

These are a couple of Flavio’s photos of the grapes and the mill courtyard beyond (above) and (below) the walled garden.

Flavio grapes 3 2015 reduced

Come and join us next year and sample them for yourselves!