Take five breaths with Claire today and contemplate five days with her on our Yoga & Meditation retreat at The Watermill

Blog yoga Take 5Claire Murphy, who is running our Unplug and Unwind yoga and meditation retreat here next September, invites you to Take Five with her today! It’s one of her simple and straightforward relaxation tips and techniques which you can incorporate as part of your everyday life. These contain elements of what Claire will be teaching during her five-day retreat here.

Take 5:

Wherever you find yourself as you read this, bring your feet flat to the floor, lengthen your spine gently and rest your hands in your lap

After reading the following instructions (!) close your eyes

Bring your focus to the breath as you feel it either at the nose or the abdomen

Stay present with the whole of the in-breath and the whole of each out-breath

Repeat for x 5 complete breath cycles.

Yoga Unplug and unwindWhy don’t you join us to learn more on our relaxing and inspiring Unplug and Unwind yoga and meditation retreat at The Watermill next September?  Take Five minutes to look at details of Claire’s retreat, simply by clicking here. It could lead you to five days of spiritual refreshment in the tranquil heart of rural Tuscany.

We think that Claire Murphy and The Watermill are the perfect combination for a yoga and meditation retreat where you can not only ‘unplug and unwind’, but also savour the true Italian lifestyle in Lunigiana, the unspoilt region of Tuscany surrounding the mill.

Yoga, meditation and massage have been a way of life for Claire for more than 25 years and she’s passionate about teaching them. Together we’ve created a unique five-day programme, with fresh and inspirational yoga and meditation sessions, plus inspiring visits to local historic and scenic attractions – and beautiful home-cooked Italian food and wines!

Claire says: “My aim is to offer classes that are fresh and inspirational, always being informed by the latest developments in yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices.”

*Please Note: this retreat will start on a Monday and end on a Saturday. So come and ‘take five’ with us!

Claire Murphy head and shoulders 219 September to 24 September 2016

Claire Murphy Unplug and Unwind

Please click here to learn more about Claire and her course at The Watermill.

*** Why not bring your non-participating partner as well? There’s a generous £200 discount for him/her if they share a room with you  — and there’s plenty for them to do. Have a look at our Partner’s Activities suggestions by clicking here.Tom riverside photo Jun 13

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