Sound Healing Meditation with Claire at an atmospheric convent

The Watermill at Posara for painting, knitting, yoga, holidays/vacations, Tuscany, Italy.
At Claire Murphy’s yoga and meditation retreat at The Watermill last year, our guests told us that their visit to the Convento del Carmine, was one of the highlights. Claire says: “We were very fortunate to have this beautiful venue to ourselves, to experience its stillness and utter beauty.”

And, of course, we will be returning to the convent this year for another private visit during Claire’s seven-day retreat, called Nourish — mind, body, and soul. There’s a link below for you to find out more details of this unique, joyful yoga and meditation retreat. Nine people have already signed up, so we have room for only two or three more.

Yoga Claire ConventWhen you arrive at the convent during the retreat, says Claire: “I shall take you through a gentle series of movements in the cloisters which are based on Tibetan Healing Exercises.

“Then you will be treated to a sound meditation, as the acoustics are wonderful there. During your stay at the Watermill, you will experience a variety of meditations, whether its mindful walking of a morning, guided practice during our yoga sessions, as well as the optional silent sitting of an evening.”The Watermill at Posara for painting, knitting, yoga, holidays/vacations, Tuscany, Italy.Claire says: “Sound is a healing modality as it is based on the vibration created that is not only heard through our ears, but felt at a very subtle level by the cells within our body. I shall once again bring along my Tingshas (pictured above). These are used in many rituals within Tibetan Buddhism, as well as having a more recognised place in yoga and meditation classes. They are made of a sacred 12 metal alloy and are generally used to cleanse space before and after sessions.”

Claire will also be bringing a Tibetan singing bowl, made from consecrated 7 metal alloys that are created skilfully to produce at least five individual yet simultaneous tones. The bowls sounds are said to synchronise brain waves and encourage a therapeutic effect on the body. The seven alloys used and the principles attached to them are: Silver – Moon, time, joy, instinct; Gold – Sun, heart, spirit; Mercury – Mercury, intellect and speech; Tin – Jupiter, insight and wisdom; Lead – Saturn, conscience and discipline; Copper – Venus, love and art; Iron – Mars, action and sexuality. 

Claire says: “All you will need to do is sit (we are fortunate that the cloisters has a very low wall all round, just perfect for sitting on) and allow the sound to come to you. Even more fortunate, we shall be spending longer at the convent this year, and will enjoy a picnic lunch together, giving us longer to soak up the magical atmosphere that it offers.”

The Watermill at Posara for painting, knitting, yoga, holidays/vacations, Tuscany, Italy.

Yoga retreat at The Watermill in Tuscany, yoga and meditation retreats

The sessions at The Watermill will be friendly and welcoming and no prior experience of yoga or meditation is necessary: all levels from beginner to intermediate will be catered for and we’ll also tailor our sessions to your particular needs.

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Yoga portrait shape 39 -16 September Nourish — mind, body and soul 

with Claire Murphy Two or three places left

To learn more about Claire and her retreat at The Watermill, please click here

Come and join us and nourish your mind, body and soul.The Watermill at Posara for painting, knitting, yoga, holidays/vacations, Tuscany, Italy.



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