Tim painted this Italian scene but wasn’t there…

… but he’ll be side by side with you at The Watermill and its glorious surrounding scenery.

Painting by Tim Wilmot, a tutor at The Watermill at Posara painting holidays/vacations, Tuscany, Italy.The magnificent watercolour above is by our talented and inspiring English painting tutor Tim Wilmot. But he admits he wasn’t there: “Unfortunately I have not been to Lake Como for a Workshop.”  

This was a painting done as a demonstration in a recent workshop in the UK.  Tim says:“I was presented with some sample photos to paint, and I chose this one because it suited my style and I thought it would make a great subject for watercolour, having those darks and lights.  Also, what I think worked okay was the cool sky, then coming down, the warm buildings and then the cool shadows – plenty of cobalt!”

Tim will be with you all the time when we go on location in the stunning scenery of Lunigiana that surrounds the mill and you’ll learn how to capture the environment with your brush.

And with Tim as your guide, you’ll learn now to loosen our style and capture the essence of the wonderful scenery with your brush, so come and discover the secrets of great watercolours from Tim. In the meantime, here’s another example of what Tim can achieve from a photograph:

A photograph of the mill and the riverside gardens.

A photograph of the mill and the riverside gardens.

Painting by Tim Wilmot, a tutor at The Watermill at Posara painting holidays/vacations, Tuscany, Italy.

Tim’s impression of the riverside by The Watermill

While he’s dabbled with portraits and still lifes over the years, Tim is inexorably drawn to landscapes. He says: “I’m an outdoor person rather than an indoor person. For many years I’ve taken a sketch book on my travels and I quickly scribble scenes in a shorthand sort of way. Then, returning home, I recreate those memories with paint and brush.” And you’ll be able to do that, too, in the Watermill studio, overlooking the river and the walled garden with the high Apennines beyond.

 Every day we’ll paint outside as much as possible and Tim will try to do two demos during the day. He says: During the demos I’ll welcome questions, such as ‘Why did you choose that scene?’ ‘What brush are you using there?’ ‘What colour combination did you just use?’ and so on.” After the demonstration, everyone can have a go at replicating that scene. Tim says: “I will be on hand to look over your shoulder and give some words of encouragement and try to give advice on what, in my opinion, does work and what doesn’t. We can also have all our work displayed together and go through a brief critique and compare our experiences

At work in the studio

At work in the studio

If we’re in the studio, no problem. There will be opportunity create some watercolour landscapes from some reference photos and we can do exercises on figure work, and getting things like cars or boats into the landscape.

“We all want to take away many things from our time at the Watermill and then the key is to IMPLEMENT at least one thing you have learnt.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhttp://watermill.net/painting-holidays/painting-holidays-tutor-tim-wilmot17.php7-14 October 2017 Watercolours

with Tim Wilmot

To learn more about Tim and his course at The Watermill, please click here.


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