Suddenly there is a place available for Tim’s inspiring painting course this October

Painting by Tim Wilmot, a tutor at The Watermill at Posara painting holidays/vacations, Tuscany, Italy.

Tim Wilmot’s impression of the riverside by The Watermill

Due to a cancellation we have a place available on Tim Wilmot‘s watercolur painting course this October. It is in our Uccello bedroom (Please click here for details of all our rooms), so it could be for single occupancy or two friends sharing.

Tim is a sensational watercolourist from Bristol in the South-west of England and he will be joining us for a week-long course in watercolours from 7 to 14 October. More details below.

Tim specialises in watercolours, exploiting the medium with tone and light in a loose impressionistic style. He says: His “I seem to have an affinity with painting landscapes, although I have dabbled with portraits and still life in the past, but always come back to landscapes.  Tim says: “For many years I’ve taken a sketchbook on my travels and I quickly scribble scenes in a shorthand sort of way. Then, returning home, I recreate those memories with paint and brush. Watercolour is also an ideal medium for capturing those quick impressions.” Here’s another lovely watercolour, of a vineyard beneath the sensational Apuan Alps mountains near the Watermill.

Painting by Tim Wilmot, a tutor at The Watermill at Posara painting holidays/vacations, Tuscany, Italy.

A vineyard and the Apuan Alps near the Watermill

As well as an exciting artist, Tim is also an inspiring teacher and on his course, suitable for all levels, he’ll help you to improve your drawing skills, loosen up your style, learn how to incorporate figures in a landscape as well as nurturing you own artistic ambitions. As one student of Tim’s says: I can’t help being inspired by the careful and wonderfully measured strokes of a genius.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA October 2017 Watercolours

with Tim Wilmot

To learn more about Tim and his course at The Watermill, please click here.


Come and join us  — and enjoy the magic of the mill! 

Tom riverside photo Jun 13


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