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Painting by Vicky Norman, a tutor at The Watermill at Posara painting holidays/vacations, Tuscany, Italy.

Play with you colours before you paint

I’ve just been posting some intriguing and inspiring painting and writing tips on the Watermill Friends page, like Vicki Norman’s advice on how to have fun colour-mixing (please click here to see it) and Jo Parfitt’s checklist to ensure your writing doesn’t become narcissistic (please click here).

The Watermill at Posara for painting, knitting, creative writing, Italian language, personal development and yoga holidays/vacations/retreats, Tuscany, Italy.

Caravaggio’s Narcissus contemplates perfection

I all prompted me to invite you, if you haven’t already, to become a Friend of The Watermill. You’ll enjoy practical and inspiring tips and helpful advice from our watermill tutors on

  • Painting and drawing
  • Creative writing
  • yoga and meditation


  • mouth-watering recipes from The Watermill’s menus. (who can resist Lois Breckon’s gorgonzola soufflés : click here!)
Twice-baked gorgonzola soufflés, just one of the Watermill's culinary delight

Twice-baked gorgonzola soufflés, just one of the Watermill’s culinary delight

To find out more, please go to http://watermill.net/watermill-friends/index.html. Just follow the simple instructions to Register  (it’s free) and then Log In to enjoy a special relationship with us! And nourish mind and body with our creative tips and mouth-watering recipes.


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