Claire’s everyday tips to enhance your life: simple teatime meditataion

Blog yoga Tea-Coffee MeditationOur lovely yoga tutor, Claire Murphy, who will be back for another of her relaxing and inspiring retreats here later in the year, believes in incorporating yoga and meditation techniques into everyday life.

Here’s one you could try at teatime (or coffee-time come to that!) It will enhance you s senses and enliven you spirits and make your tea (or coffee) even more ‘the cup that cheers’.

Tea /Coffee Meditation

Listen to the sound of water as you fill the kettle

Take a moment to smell the tea / coffee before you place it in your cup

Notice the thoughts / feelings you have as you anticipate the taste of your drink

Pouring the hot water – listen to the sounds of the spoon as you stir in milk or sugar

Enjoy the warmth of your cup as you lift it and take a moment to savour the smell before taking a sip

If you can, try and enjoy your drink without any distractions (e.g.: looking at your phone).

Why don’t you join us to learn more on Claire’s unique seven-day  retreat, which will run from Saturday 25 August to Saturday 1 September 2018?

Claire Murphy H&SYoga, meditation and massage have been a way of life for Claire Murphy for more than 25 years and she’s passionate about teaching them. Together we’ve created a unique seven-day programme to Nourish your soul, mind and body.

We’ll nourish your soul on rural walks and visits to ancient walled towns and hilltop villages, castles and convents. You’ll also savour the relaxed atmosphere of la bella vita italiana in local cafes, shops, restaurants and markets.

As well as yoga and meditation, we’ll venture a little journal writing and painting in The Watermill studio overlooking the river or under the shade of the vine verandah to nourish your mind.

And we’ll nourish your body with fresh, home-cooked, nutritionally balanced meals lovingly prepared by the Watermill cooks, with many of the ingredients freshly picked from The Watermill’s own gardens. There will be vegetarian options for every meal, of course. Private sessions with a local Shiatsu practitioner are also available, at cost, on request

Claire’s yoga retreat is inspired by the beauty of this area and by the elements and she’s been working hard on an even more inspiring itinerary for next year. She tells us: The theme of the retreat is Nourish Your Elemental Self and it will include yoga, meditation, creative writing & art journaling.”

Claire has been allotting specific themes for each day: Sunday: Earth; Monday: Water; Tuesday: Fire; Thursday: Air and Friday: Ether. Claire’s working up the itineraries, which will include activities in the Watermill gardens, along the millstream and river and, of course, breathing in the wonderfully pure air of this environmentally protected area.

The air, the sun, the sound of the church bells brought a special feeling of lightness and childlike joy to the proceedings.” That’s a comment from one of the participants on Claire’s retreat at The Watermill last year. Another said: “The Watermill is such a stunning, peaceful, green and quiet. We are pampered and well looked-after” 

The Watermill at Posara for painting, knitting, creative writing, Italian language, personal development and yoga holidays/vacations/retreats, Tuscany, Italy.As for the yoga, here’s what another of this year’s guests had to say:  “The yoga retreat was the perfect mix of physical postures, meditation and thoughtful contemplation in glorious mountain surroundings. I particularly appreciated how you created a gentle space for all attendees no matter where they were on their yoga journey or what physical issues they were dealing with. The journaling and art prompts offered the opportunity for creative experimentation and expansion. All in all, a fabulously revitalising week.”

Yoga in the Watermill studio

Yoga in the Watermill studio

goes on.

Claire plus picNourish — mind, body and soul

Claire Murphy

25 August – 1 September 2018

To learn more about Claire and her retreat at The Watermill, please click here.

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