Sarah’s knitting projects are inspired by Italian landscape and design

Phil knitting in dining room 11Our lovely knitting tutor Sarah Hazell has been working out the special projects she and her guests will be working on during her knitting week here.

There are two specially designed projects incorporating cable knitting and sequence knitting, and a third for those who have already tried the sequence-knitting project and would prefer an introduction to chevron knitting and stripe sequences.

Sarah’s projects for her week here are inspired by the Watermill location and Italian design.

Creative Cables. Sarah says: “A cabled scarf/cowl reflecting all the twists and turns that you will encounter during your stay – from the winding landscape through to the vines at the Watermill.” 

In the photo you can see Sarah’s example knitted in Mrs Dalloway (a stunning ochre), but it will work equally well in Ballet Russes (a luscious pink), Kanoko (chalky blue), Clarissa (a warm neutral) and French (a bold, purply-grey). You choose which colour you prefer.

Sequence Knitting: This project uses the sequence knitting technique to create a beautiful shawl with lots of drape. It is knitted in West Yorkshire Spinners Illustrious DK and comes in a choice of Old Lace (cream) or Sandstone (marled ochre): you decide which colour you prefer.”

Missoni-inspired chevron patterns. Sarah says: “This project will enable you to design your own scarf using a simple chevron pattern. We will explore how different colours relate to each other, look at some of Missoni’s sketches and designs and discover how altering the proportion of colours within a striped sequence can affect a design.” 


Sarah adds: “Workshop sessions tend to start with a technique focus linked to the projects and then a chance to work at your own pace with me on hand to offer support or advice if you need it. I am always happy to help with any other projects that you bring with you.”

Sarah will be joining us again for her Knitting and La Bella Vita week from Saturday 5 May to Saturday 12 May 2018. W’re almost fully booked and have room for just one more knitter.

Here’s what one of our guests had to say about last year’s course: “Thank you for the invigorating knitting experience last week. The weather cooperated beautifully and the food at the Watermill and the other locations was excellent and varied. It is a plus for you that Sarah will return next May. She is prepared and organized; flexible and patient with attendees of all capabilities with a good sense of humour.”

Sarah’s relishing her return, too: “A knitting holiday at The Watermill offers so much – splendid location, delicious food and opportunities to explore some of the local region. There is also a real sense of community, with Bill and Lois employing and supporting lots of local people. And then there is the knitting of course!”

The Watermill at Posara for painting, knitting, creative writing, Italian language, personal development and yoga holidays/vacations/retreats, Tuscany, Italy.

The Watermill sitting room, an ideal place to knit and chat. Picture: Phil Wright.

Sarah Hazell is a designer in knit and crochet, and author of several books. She says, “I have a passion for beautiful yarn and textiles and am endlessly fascinated by colour, pattern and texture. She loves to teach new techniques and inspire confidence in others. Sarah’s workshop at the mill will show you to elevate your knits from homemade to handmade.

New Sarah H H&S cropped5-12 May 2018

Sarah Hazell

Knitting and La Bella Vita One place left

To find out more about Sarah and her course, please click here.

The Watermill at Posara for painting, knitting, creative writing, Italian language, personal development and yoga holidays/vacations/retreats, Tuscany, Italy.

Knitting under the shade of the vines in the Watermill garden



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