Can you help Lydia’s musical ambitions? And win the chance of a free creative holiday at The Watermill!

My lovely elder daughter Lydia’s burning ambition for as long as she can remember is to work in musical theatre — and she’s just been accepted into New York University’s Graduate Writing Musical Theatre Programme as a Composer! This is a two-year Masters programme at the prestigious Tisch School of Arts, starting this Autumn. The school boasts many alumni with Oscars and Emmys!

Lydia says: “I’m beyond ecstatic and genuinely shook!”

Of course, it is very expensive! Lydia has won a scholarship which covers some of the fees, but now she’s now working like mad to try to raise more money for the rest of her fees and living expenses. She’s working at Zara in the UK to earn money, putting in her own savings and she’s looking everywhere for student grants and loans, And, of course, the Bank of Mum and Dad are helping all they can!

But Lydia wants to raise as much money as she can by her own efforts, so she has also set up a crowdfunding site at for anyone who can help with a donation, however small. Clicking here will take you there and you can hear Lydia singing a song for you about her dream. She’s also created a Facebook page called Lydia’s Quest, which you can visit by clicking here.

And we at The Watermill thought we’d try to enlist the help of our hundreds of friends and followers, too. We are offering the chance of a free holiday on one of our famous creative courses at the Watermill next year – painting, creative writing, Italian language or knitting — for everyone who donates £100 (or dollar or Euro equivalent)

If you donate that amount, we’ll put your name in a lottery draw for a free creative week at the Watermill in 2019. It will be for a week-long course of your choice, subject to availability.

And if you’d prefer to donate a smaller amount, Lydia will thank you with her own reward: Donate £50 and win a Commissioned Song. Lydia says: “I will work with you to create the style, range and vibe you want. I will also provide a backing track and teaching session.”

 Or donate £20 and Lydia will give you a one-hour music lesson: “It can be in piano, voice or music theory, either in person or over Skype.”

We are so proud of Lydia, not only in her achievement in being accepted by Tish and NYU, but also for her determination to make it all happen – and we’d be more than grateful for your help. So please click here to see how to make your donation and who knows, even win a free Watermill creative holiday!

With many thanks.

Lois and Bill and The Watermill team

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