A sinful monk but a sublime painter, the story behind our Lippi Suite

Continuing our tales of the Renaissance artists who have given their names to Watermill bedrooms and apartment suites, today is the turn of Filippo Lippi. Although a monk, Filippo was also a womaniser, a forger and an inveterate liar. He was also one of the great painters of his time.

Georgio Vasari in his Lives of the Artists tells a typical tale: “He was taken into great favour by Cosimo de’ Medici, but being devoted to pleasure, he neglected his work for it. Cosimo therefore, when he was working for him in his house, caused him to be shut in, so that he could not go out and waste his time; but he, cutting up the sheets of the bed with a pair of scissors, made a rope and let himself down by the window. When after many days he returned to his work, Cosimo gave him his liberty, considering the peril he had run, and sought to keep him for the future by many favours, and so he served him more readily, saying that genius is a heavenly being, and not a beast of burden.”

Yes, he was a sublime painter, the teacher of Sandro Botticelli and the father (by a nun!) of the great frescoist Filippino Lippi. One of my favourite paintings is Filippo’s Virgin and childe with two angels in the Uffizi: 

Come and be inspired (artistically) by the Lippis. Our Lippi Suite has two bedrooms (the large, Filippo, the smaller Filippino!), so it is ideal for a couple or two friends sharing  That’s the sitting room above, and here’s the main bedroom — and you won’t need a knotted bed sheet to get out!

The Lippi Suite is still available for Sandra Strohschein’s painting course, from Saturday 9 June to Saturday 16 June and Terry Jarvis’ painting course from Saturday 7 July to Saturday 14 July. It is also free for Jo Parfitt’s Writing your Life’s Stories, from Saturday 18 August to Saturday 25 August and Amy Rogg and Joanne Brohmer‘s yoga retreat from Saturday 25 August to Saturday 1 September.

 Sandra plus picSandra Strohshein


Places left: 2-9 June AND 9-16 June 2018

Please click here to learn more about Sandra’s painting holidays at The Watermill.

terry plus pic7-14 July 2018 

Terry Jarvis

Watercolours (and oils, pastels and acrylics)

To learn more about Terry and his course at The Watermill, please click here.

Jo plus pic

Jo Parfitt
18 August to 25 August 

Write Your Life Stories

To learn more about Jo and her course at The Watermill, please click here

Amy and Joanne H&SAmy Rogg & Joanne Brohmer
25 August to 1 September 2018 – still plenty of places
Yoga retreat
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