Time for an aperitivo – and a selfie!

holidays/vacations/workshops, Tuscany, Italy.

Here is our ‘Man Friday’, Nathaniel (‘Nate’) Szekely and my daughter Lara Breckon preparing the evening aperitivi for our guests in the communal kitchen. We are obviously not working hard enough, since they not only seem to be enjoying themselves but have time to break off to take a selfie!

Aperitivi on the vine verandah are a feature of all our creative courses, where we enjoy the Watermill cocktail (Aperol, white wine, tonic water) or whatever other tipple takes our fancy, before heading to the dining room for another delicious home-cooked Italian meal.

We are now taking bookings for our 2020 creative courses and already more than 100 people have booked their places. We would love you to join them and if you reserve a place by making a deposit of £250 in the next day or two, you will be able to take advantage of our ‘2020 creative courses at 2019 prices’, special offer making a saving of some £100.

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