Seeking inspiration? Listen to Randy – and join him at the Watermill

Randy’s impression of the Watermill from the walled gaden

In his latest newsletter, watermill painting tutor Randy Hale observes: “Isn’t it funny that when we want to be creative, we sometimes can’t seem to find the mojo to make it happen?” He adds: “Perhaps the culprit is when you try too hard to force something to happen.  Maybe we’re not ready, not in the right frame of mind, or just missing what’s already in front of us.!”

One solution, Randy says, is constantly to be collecting ideas: “Keep a file where they can be stashed – to be called upon later. You’d be surprised how many ideas you can collect in a day, week, month, or year.  Ideas that at the moment you might not have time to act upon. So, save them up, keep them ‘on demand’ for when it’s time to pull up a gem of an idea for a painting.”

Painting by Randy Hale, a tutor at The Watermill at Posara painting holidays/vacations, Tuscany, Italy.
Randy’s impression of Posara

Another constraint on inspiration is something Randy calls ‘lazy eyes.’ He says: “It always amazes me that so many people look around but simply take for granted what they see.  As an artist trying to be a creative force, one has to look a little harder to develop an ability to see.”  That means looking deeper at shapes, shadows, light, and colour. Randy says: “Life is a jewel box full of inspiration if we let ourselves actually take the time to observe the rich subtlety of what surrounds us!”

But good ideas don’t automatically translate into success.  As with any creative activity, practice sharpens our skill. Randy points out that the great painting masters didn’t just pick up a brush and paint: “They developed their composition, made some studies, figured out what they wanted to do – before picking up a brush to paint.”

Randy adds: “I love the expression Charles Reid used when he described the loose playfulness of some of his painting. He called it “planned spontaneity.”  Sure, it looked spontaneous. But it was well-thought out, nothing was left to chance.  Each brushstroke was measured, intended, visualized before being executed. That takes practice.  And the more confident you are at painting the faster those inspired ideas come!”

Great advice, Randy, and you can learn even more to come and join him for his inspirational watercolour painting course at the Watermill this summer.  He will be with us from Saturday 13 June to Saturday, 20 June 2020. You can find out more about Randy and his course at the Watermill by clicking here. We’d love you to join us and now is the time to book, especially as you can take advantage of our Early Bird Discount Offer: £75 (English pounds) off Randy’s 2020 painting course if you book before the end of this year. But to be sure of a place, you really need to take action much more quickly: we already have nine people booked on his course, two of whom are non-painting partners, so we have room for four or five more painters (and their non-painting partners, too, if they would like to come).

Come and fire up your inspiration, talking and painting with Randy Hale.

Inspired by Watermill aperitivi? Randy Hale’s Happy Hour


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