Try a courageous application of colour to gain confidence in your painting

Painting by Mark Warner, a tutor at The Watermill at Posara painting holidays/vacations, Tuscany, Italy.

Inspiring and enthusiastic Watermill painting tutor Mark Warner has sent us this excellent piece of advice to help you to improve your painting. During his week with us this Summer (details and links below), Mark will give a short demonstration each day: “We will look at the formal elements of art, together with composition, perspective and a more courageous application of colour. The idea is to gain confidence and experiment.”

His picture above is of Il Convento dei Carmine‘, a beautiful privately owned monastery with ancient cloisters and frescoes, gardens and views, where our painting groups go on Thursdays during their painting week. In his demonstration at the conventon his last visit, Mark explained how he combined pastel under-drawing with colourful acrylic paint. He says: “If you enjoy sketching, this is a great way to experiment with colour.”

We are delighted to welcome Mark back to our international team of inspiring and sympathetic Watermill painting tutors. His course next year is called Colourful Acrylics/Drawing/Pen & Wash and those are the mediums in which you will be working. Mark’s course will run from Saturday 11 July to Saturday 18 July 2020.

Mark Warner, a tutor at The Watermill at Posara painting holidays/vacations, Tuscany, Italy

Mark, from Shropshire in England, loves working outside – and he leads by example, creating a relaxed and encouraging environment for his students. He developed his passion for landscapes growing up in the West Wales and then moving onto the rolling hills of Shropshire enabled him to experiment further with colour, light and line. Mark says: “I adore using colour while interpreting the light, weather and a love for the materials. I work directly in the field (literally on many occasions!) and from sketches created outside as well as notes/photographs taken on location.”

Here is a lovely demonstration picture, of the River Rosaro which runs beside the Watermill, made by Mark on his last visit here.

You can learn more about Mark and his course at the Watermill by clicking here.

Everything is included in the cost of your holiday at the watermill: tuition, accommodation, pre-dinner aperitifs, all meals and wines (including outings to charming local restaurants) and all local transportation. You get to Pisa, Italy, we do the rest! Find out all about the Watermill and our activities by clicking here.
Acrylic demonstration by Mark of the Watermill from the walled garden.

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