Heroes all

Italian health workers bruised from wearing their protective masks for long periods of time. Tweet from travelito.it

“Nearly 8,000 doctors volunteered to help out on the front lines of Italy’s coronavirus crisis, more than 25 times the number the authorities had sought,” The Local-Italy online newspaper reports.

It adds: “Italy’s Civil Protection department was aiming to create a task force of 300 doctors from all over Italy to help treat patients in the worst-hit regions of Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. Within 24 hours of putting out the call, they had received 7,923 applications, the department announced.¬†The department had said it was first and foremost seeking¬†anaesthetists, but would welcome applications from doctors in any field. “This is about creating a rapid response team,” said the head of the Civil Protection, Angelo Borrelli. “The doctors selected will work alongside regional health service staff and volunteers who are already assisting in hospitals treating coronavirus patients.”

Picture: La Stampa

The newspaper also reported: “On Monday another two Italian doctors were confirmed to have died since contracting the virus, making a total of 22 health workers who have lost their lives.

“Around 4,800 medical staff have contracted the virus since the outbreak began, according to data from the Italian Higher Health Institute, representing around 9 percent of the total in Italy.”

Heroes all. We salute you.

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