Having fun on a snowy road with Mike

We restarted our Watermill online interactive sessions painting along with Mike Willdridge on a snowy road in Devon, England. Once again, more than 100 participants from many different countries joined in. Here are a few of the comments: “I so appreciate these sessions, and as Mike says, it gets one out of all the gloom and doom that is surrounding us at present. How amazing it is to see so many people from all corners of the globe. Your fame goes before you…!”

 “Quite a few of our members [of our art club] participated in the Thursday Zoom painting session with Mike Willdridge and really enjoyed it.”

I am really enjoying these workshops and it is lovely to see everyone from around the world.”

Thank you all for a wonderful series of workshops. My friends and I are planning a stay at The Watermill when travelling is safe again, and I can’t wait!”

That’s Mike’s sketchbook picture above of the snowy road and below is a montage of just a few of the many paintings people sent in following the session. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation. I’m only sorry I don’t have room for more of your pictures: I chose the eight below entirely at random.

And I couldn’t resist showing you Charlotte Brown‘s painting: she introduced the Trotter’s van from Only Fools and Horses, which seems to have slithered off the road. What a plonker!

As usual, I have also made a short (30-second) Facebook slideshow so you can see these images a little larger. You can see it by clicking here.

Mike is going to follow up the snowy road, to help you learn more about capturing such scenes in watercolour, in a new session called ‘snowy village’. The session will be on Thursday 21 January, again at 2:30p, British time. Here is the link to register.

Painting by Mike Willdridge, a tutor at The Watermill at Posara painting holidays/vacations, Tuscany, Italy.
One of Mike’s sketches for the snowy village session.

Our next interactive session, on Thursday, is in acrylics with our friend and Watermill tutor Sue Ford. You can find the link to register with our Eventbrite events organisers here.

As you see from the comments above, quite a few people are keen to come on one of Mike’s ‘real’ watercolour weeks at the Watermill this year. We also have wonderful times with Mike and his wife Sue, and we are looking forward very much to them again. Come and join us! Book now and enjoy the warm glow of summer anticipation.

The Watermill at Posara for painting, creative writing, knitting, and Italian language holidays/vacations/workshops, Tuscany, Italy.

Mike Willdridge 

Saturday 7 August to Saturday 14 August 2021 AND Saturday 4 September to Saturday 11 September 2021 

Watercolours and drawing (also gouache and acrylics)

To learn more about Mike and his week at the Watermill, please click here.

The Watermill at Posara for painting, creative writing, knitting, and Italian language holidays/vacations/workshops, Tuscany, Italy.
Painters in the Watermill walled garden. Picture: Francesco Lastrucci

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