Announcing a special online event with watercolourist Tim Wilmot: you choose which Italian piazza to paint!

Which piazza will you choose to paint?

The online painting sessions run by the Watermill and its renowned tutors continue to provide inspiration, relaxation and happy conversation as more than 100 guests painted along with us every Thursday. And we’ve an exciting new innovation for you next Tuesday: you choose which subject you are going to paint.

This special Watermill online event will feature English watercolourist Tim Wilmot, already a popular tutor for our ‘real’ week-long painting holidays here. The special event is on Tuesday 2 March, starting at 5 o’clock in the afternoon British time (6 o’clock in the afternoon European time; morning in the USA according to which time zone you are in.) Please note that this is a bonus online session; our regular Thursday sessions will continue on Thursday 4 March. You can register for Tim’s special online event on Tuesday 2 March by clicking here.

And yes, you get to choose which of the four Italian piazza views you’ll paint. They are all in the walled mediaeval town of Fivizzano, a mile or so from the Watermill, which we visit during our ‘real’ weeks. The picture above shows the views. At the beginning of the session Tim will outline the merits of painting each of the four photos above. Then you’ll vote on which one you prefer. We will choose the scene favoured by the majority and then you paint along, as usual in our sessions, with Tim.

A previous piazza painting by Tim

Don’t forget why our sessions are special: Unlike many online painting programmes, Tim’s will not expect you to ‘look over his shoulder’ for a long demonstration, and perhaps be allowed to ask the odd question or two. No, you will be painting along at more or less the same time, trying out the watercolour techniques that Tim shows you, step-by-step. Then, after you have had your turn, Tim will move onto the next part of the process. Lois Breckon from The Watermill at Posara will be on hand during the session to feed your questions. The session will last a couple of hours.

When you register for the session you will be asked for a donation. Some people ask how much this should be. Our answer? “Like the measure of a Scottish dram: it should offend neither the host nor the guest!” Our Zoom painting demonstrations do take quite a bit of time in preparation and administration and your support is very much appreciated. With your generosity we can plan and run further sessions and, more importantly, provide a regular meeting place for creativity, camaraderie and fun. We hope that you enjoy the international, online painting community that we have created.

When you register you will be provided with two links. The first is the Zoom link for you to join the session. The second link is where you will find the photographs that you will be asked to vote on, and a list of equipment and colours for your palette.

After the event, you are invited to email us with your painting to add to our gallery. In addition, we will send you a link to an edited video of the session that will enable to you revisit Tim’s step-by-step teaching.

To register for this event which is truly interactive as well as great fun, please click here.

Painting by Tim Wilmot a tutor at The Watermill at Posara painting holidays/vacations, Tuscany, Italy.
Tim painting Tim painting the Watermill, if you see what we mean!

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