Join the crowd painting piazzas online with Tim

A Fivizzano square painted previously by Tim, based on photo 1 below.

We are delighted to report that already more than 40 people have already signed up for our latest online, interactive session next Tuesday. It is a special session with the renowned English watercolourist Tim Wilmot. It is special because you get to choose the subject of your painting! Before you start painting along with Tim there will be a short poll, in which participants choose which of the four views below they would like to paint. Then Tim will take you along step-by-step to help you create your masterpiece. Which one will you choose?

Which piazza will you choose to paint?

This special Watermill online event is on Tuesday 2 March, starting at 5 o’clock in the afternoon British time (6 o’clock in the afternoon European time; morning in the USA according to which time zone you are in.)

To register for this event which is truly interactive as well as great fun, please click here.

To register, please click here.

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