Are you a dangerous artist? Come and join us!

We thought this poster, issued by the notorious Senator Jo McCarthy, instigator of Communist witch-hunts America in the 1950s, might be of interest to those of you contemplating a painting holiday or creative writing course with us next year.  Did you know you were dangerous?

Far from saying ‘Beware of Artists’, we welcome them here with open arms for dangerously inspired tuition, dangerously amiable conversation and dangerously delicious food.

So why not live dangerously and join us for one of our fun-filled, sun-filled dangerous painting holidays or creative writing courses at the watermill?


  1. I love this quote, which I had always attributed to Queen Victoria. Apparently I’m also wrong, and thanks to Russell Potter for the correction:
    “This isn’t by Queen Victoria either. It’s a garbled paraphrase of a letter written in 1845 by King Leopold of Belgium *to* Queen Victoria: “dealings with artists, for instance, requires great prudence; they are acquainted with all classes of society, and for that reason dangerous; they are hardly ever satisfied, and when you have too much to do with them, you are sure to have des ennuis — Leopold to Victoria, 10 October 1845. Because it’s found in a volume of Victoria’s letters, it has been misattributed to her — and as for the McCarthy misattribution, that’s the result of the Internet meme, which may or may not have its roots in a slogan available in tattoo parlors!”

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