Knitting brings the world together

Knit Pandora and Claudia -reducedThe 11 participants on the watermill’s first-ever knitting course come from no less than seven countries!  Knitting truly brings the world together. Members of our well-knit group come from, in strictly alphabetical order, Canada, Denmark, France, South Africa, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. And our lovely tutor Nancy Marchant is an American living in Amsterdam!

Knitting group 1 - reduced

Whatever their nationality, they are all enjoying the hospitality of the watermill and of course the true Bella Vita Italiana.

Knit Odile and Inger - reduced

We have another knitting course this July – already full with another international group — and, of course, we’ll be knitting again at the mill in 2015.


  1. All this year’s knitting courses are full, sorry!

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