A celebrated sculptor and his fountain: come and paint it!

Cascella with sculptureI’ve been doing a little research into the celebrated Italian sculptor Pietro Cascella, who lived in the castle at Verrucola, where we go to paint on Mondays during our week-long courses.

Born in 1921, Cascella created monumental sculptures for locations as varied as the Auschwitz death camp and Silvio Berlusconi’s mausoleum at his villa in Arcore. He had a distinctive, even archaic style, recalling the art and architecture of the ancient Mediterranean. Cascella often used simplified, geometric shapes, that, while looking as old as time, remind the viewer of the work of the the abstract sculptor Constantin Brancusi.

Other commissions included sculptures at the headquarters of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, Independence Park in Tel Aviv; grand fountains in Italy and sculptures celebrating the Italian resistance. You can also see his work at the Piazza dei Parchi, near the mill, at Soliera, the gateway to the national parks of the Appennines Cascella piazza dei parchiand the Apuan Alps.

Cascella Verrucola fountainCascella renovated the castle at Verrucola, where he moved in 1977. He created the fountain at Verrucola, which was dedicated in 1984, which you can see – and paint — after you cross the bridge into the village.

My favourite painting of this fountain is by our talented and inspiring watermill tutor Trevor Lingard, showing children having fun there last year.

Trevor Verucola fountain

Trevor’s good at fountains (and lots of other things!) Here’s his painting of the fountain in Fivizzano (we go there for the market on Tuesdays). Why not join us and paint these wonderful fountains yourself? More on all our 2016 painting courses can be found by clicking here.

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Painting by Trevor Lingard, a tutor at The Watermill at Posara painting holidays/vacations, Tuscany Italy.






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